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FRP Moulding

Fiber reinforced plastic is a composite material consisting of high-performance fibers embedded into a plastic mold. FRP is generated from the polymer matrix secured with fibers. These fibers can include glass, carbon, or even basalt. Generally, these components are easily identifiable and showcase an interface between each other.

FRP is better than a lot of materials because it insulates electricity and has high resistance to corrosion and deterioration. Other notable advantages include its strength over steel and its one-third weight comparatively. In the past twenty years, FRP composites have replaced steel's usage at a rapid pace, may it be automobile industry, marine, construction, and even aerospace industries.

Our efficient and highly scalable manufacturing unit has enabled us to provide a diverse range of wooden boxes packaging. Our range of wooden boxes packaging is manufactured with premium quality raw material, and is therefore light weight. These boxes are available in various sizes and different woods according to the client’s needs and specifications.

How it works?

  • The FRP product manufacturing process starts with the application of wax in all of the molded portion.
  • The next step follows the application of the initial layer of G.P. Gelcoat.
  • Once the first layer of G.P. Gelcoat is applied, the second layer of a mixture of G.P. Resin and marble powder is applied.
  • The next application has to be applied immediately after the G.P. Resin mixture layer. Take the 450 CSM MAT with G.P. Resin and apply as the next layer.
  • In this step, the whole part is joined together and after that the cover is de-molded. You will get your desired Fiber reinforced plastic part together.

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